Baling Wire / Loop Wire/ Jamlock Bale Ties

Our product range includes baling wire, also called strapping wire. This wire is a soft-annealed iron wire that is oiled or not oiled according to customer requirements. It is mainly used by companies that have to compress material or store material in a space-saving way. The main users are the recycling, packaging, paper and printing industries. We offer various ring sizes with different dimensions* to provide you with flexibility. We are able to ensure short delivery times because the baling wire is manufactured in our factory in Germany.

Other dimensions and unit quantities possible on request.

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mmm / kgmmm / kg


  • black annealed
  • galvanized
  • oiled
  • not oiled

Types of Baling Wire

spooled rings
outer Ø mm
inner Ø mm
height mm
20 kg2509595
40 kg336206152
rings / rosettes
outer Ø mm
inner Ø mm
height mm
100 kg750450150
250 kg750450300
500 kg750450600
1000 kg750450900
Types of Loop Wire
Types of Jamlock Bale Ties
length:500 – 5 000 mm1350 – 5 700 mm
packing:In bundles of approx. 25 kg,
bundled to large bundles of approx. 1 000 kg. Also available reeled and delivered on pallets.
In bundles of 50 pieces,
bundled to large bundles. Also available reeled and delivered on pallets.