Broad Flat Stitching Wire

Our broad flat stitching wire, also called carton stitching wire, is produced in our factory in Germany. It is a flat iron wire with high strength. Our stitching wire has many applications, for example, for cardboard box manufacture. By using our stitching wire, you can ensure that your production runs efficiently and without problems. Our production flexibility offers you different dimensions and spools.

Other dimensions and unit quantities possible on request.

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Width: 2,20 mm – 3,00 mmreddish bright
Thickness: 0,40 mm – 0,90 mmcopper coated


typeweightA (mm)
B (mm)C (mm)D (mm)
BP 44,5 kg155651863
SD 200 K5 kg2001055055
AM 77 kg200766758
AM 1010 kg225756760
SH 39015 kg39031030589
BB 2017 kg20011032180
AM 2020 kg24010699100
SH 460 K50 kg460319305105
150KG wooden spool150 kg56030056188
65 x 40 mm
100 x 90 mm
65 x 55 mm
300 x 95 mm
100 x 50 mm
330 x 100 mm
103 x 50 mm