Florist Wire

Today the company deals with the production of lowly carbonated iron wires in bare, copper, galvanized and tinned variations. Our modern machinery and highly qualified personnel enables us to provide our clients with wires of the highest quality. In addition, our extensive trading business can solve all further needs of the wire industry.

Our company stands out due to short delivery times and high flexibility, which guarantee a high customer satisfaction.

This product is Florist Wire.

Furthermore we can offer you on inquiry the following products:

  • Patented fastenings
  • Roman staples
  • Ivy needles
  • Wire meshes reddish bright
  • Myrtle Wire
  • Gold Wire
  • Copper Wire
  • Silver Wire
  • Copper – Metallic Wire

Plug Wire

Ø mmlength mm
0,70 – 1,80200 – 500blue annealed
bundles of 2,5 kg in paper,
in parcels of 10 kg
0,70 – 1,00200 – 500
green lacquered
bundles of 2,5 kg in paper,
in parcels of 10 kg

Binding Wire

Ø mm
0,50 – 0,80blue annealed, green lacquered, galvanized, stainless steelon wooden sticks of each 100 g, in folded boxes of each 2,5kg, packed in 10 kg cartons