Plastic strapping

Our PP strapping can be used on automatic strapping machines and with handheld strapping tools. It is the ideal product for strapping of newspapers, cardboard and much more. Our plastic strapping is used in many industries.

Our PET strapping can be used with handheld strapping tools and on fully automatic strapping machines. It is the ideal alternative to steel packaging strapping in many areas and is therefore used in various industries. Our PET strapping is used, for example, for the strapping of pallet loads.

Other dimensions and unit quantities possible on request.

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Please click here to download a complete round stitching wire overview as PDF.


8 x 0.45944500200
8 x 0.55994000200
9 x 0.551114000200/ 280
9 x 0.631203500200/ 280
12 x 0.51001000Dispenserbox
12 x 0.551333000200/ 280/ 406
12 x 0.631463000200/ 280/ 406
12 x 0.651802500400
12 x 0.731982200200
12 x 0.752252000280/ 406


9 x 0.41054400200Ribbed
9 x 0.51744300400Ribbed
9.5 x 0.62233200400Ribbed
9.2 x 0.72603000400Ribbed
11 x 0.41203700200Ribbed
12.5 x 0.62902500400Ribbed
12.5 x 0.73542000400Ribbed
15 x 0.63402000400Ribbed
15 x 0.74101750400Ribbed
15.5 x 0.64002000400Ribbed
15.5 x 0.74391750400Ribbed
15.5 x 0.855001500400Ribbed
15.5 x 0.95341500400Ribbed